Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Style Stalker

 With Fall right around the corner I find myself surfing the internet for images of styled fall and winter clothing.  I will be the first to say that these two seasons have always been my worst.  I have never quite figured out how to take my personal style, add layers to it and make it into a fashionable fall/winter ensemble.  But this year I am making it happen.  I have been pouring over images trying to find my true fall style.  I am not a huge fan of black like I was when I was younger.  It became all I had so I set out on a quest to add color to my wardrobe and after many years of being successful I find I am returning to my black roots for fall 2010 fashion.  Black sweaters with jeggings, belted capes and fitted jackets are some of the things I have been on the lookout for.  These ladies are my inspiration for many of my outfits and this season is no different.  I have also found a wonderful vintage shop near my work in Fort Worth and am hoping to get over to a local consignment store to rummage through their racks.  I have already cleaned out my closet and have my list of desirables ready.  Shopping here I come.   

To Be Continued...

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